On 13th June 2015 at the Palace of Independence in Lisbon, a group of forty people, Portuguese and Spanish (mostly teachers and university researchers, students of Master's and PhD, or people with responsibility for equipment management and institutions operating in the field of military history) founded the "Iberian Association of Military History, IV-XVI centuries" [AIHM], approving the respective statutes and electing its first managing board.

   This association reflects the great importance that military history is acquiring internationally and which is expressed in a great number of publications, in production of dissertations of 2nd and 3rd cycles, in the growing interest of the general public in visiting museums, interpretation centers and military camps and even in the existence of chairs of military history, at some prestigious universities (such as the University Complutense of Madrid). 

   Also in the Iberian Peninsula, during the past thirty years, the research in this area experienced a substantial increase, largely due to the intense activity of Portuguese and Spanish Commissions of military history. However, the international projection of this reality is still scarce in a world where high culture has a strong dependence of what is produced in the countries of Anglo-Saxon expression, French or German-speaking. In addition, the internal articulation between what is done in Portugal and Spain is still very incipient.


   Due to this circunstances, arose the project of creating a meeting point to network, stimulate, coordinate and make known the scientific research on military history that is done in the Hispanic world, specifically with regard to the period between the fourth century (the final phase of the Roman world) and the sixteenth century (that marks the start of overseas expansion, in which the Iberian countries were pioneers). The intention is to promote annual scientific meetings, joint publications (digital and paper), study visits, deepen research and, at the same time, to support young researchers who are dedicated to this area.


   The AIHM already has legal existence and an institutional email address by which can be contacted: Our web site is: We are also working in order to edit the digital journal e-Strategica and to organize our first major scientific meeting during the year 2016. The Association wishes to be known in the Iberian Peninsula and worldwide, being totally open to new active members, proposed by two founding partners and accepted by the Governing Council.