According to Article 8 of the Statutes of the AIHM will be effective members,  besides the founding members,  “those who have shown dedication and interest in military studies of the centuries IVth to XVIth materialized in scientific publications and that (having been proposed by two effective members) have been admitted as such by the Governing Council”.

     Among the duties of the affiliates, is included the payment of an entrance fee and an annual contribution (Article 17), which were fixed by the first General Assembly in the following amounts:


  • individual members: 50 € for entrance fee and 40 € for annual contribution; 

  • collective members: 100 € for entrance fee and 80 € for annual contribution; 

  • youngsters up to the age of 30: 25 € for entrance fee and 20 € for annual contribution (for a maximum period of four years)


        The proposals for admission of new effective members 

must be sent to the President of the Governing Council of AIHM, through the e-mail of the Association:

     After the acceptance of a new member, the AIHM will supply the information needed for the payment by bank transfer (IBAN) of the entrance fee and annual contribution.